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Expansion to the fifth continent

LEWA Goes Down Under: New subsidiary in Australia brings greater customer proximity


After founding a sales office in Perth, Australia in June 2019, Germany-based LEWA GmbH is now represented on all six continents of the world. LEWA-Nikkiso Australia Pty Ltd is the fifteenth subsidiary of the pump expert. It closes one of the last gaps in the global LEWA subsidiary network. In a joint effort with the Singapore location, the future customers in Oceania will be served more quickly and comprehensively from Australia than it was previously possible. Medium-term planning also includes setting up a business and customer service center.


"Until now, we have provided service to our customers in Australia and Oceania from Singapore," said Daniel Wong, Managing Director of LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore Pte. Ltd. "This often involved long, costly travel, especially since orders in these areas have recently increased." There has been significant growth in Australia in recent years, particularly in the petrochemical, oil and gas, and mining industries. LEWA has also been able to gain orders in agriculture and the dairy and food industry. Renewable energy is another field of activity in which LEWA would like to become active in Australia.

"Across all industries, we currently have a market share of 10 to 15 percent Down Under. Our goal is to increase this to 25–30 percent over the next few years," explained Wong. In energy and mining in particular, LEWA was very successful in the past with numerous installations of LEWA ecoflow and triplex process pumps. Further, sealless NIKKISO centrifugal canned motor pumps have been used in multiple cooling and air conditioning projects. This translates into demand and significant market potential for this pump technology Down Under. "Based on these projects and the market acceptance that they have established for us, we want to provide our existing customers with even better and faster service now. We will also convince new customers that LEWA NIKKISO is the right partner for all their pump needs," Wong said in summary.


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