Metering of caprolactam using LEWA process diaphragm pumps

Caprolactam is the basis for production of the plastic polyamide 6.

LEWA diaphragm pumps are very well suited for the specific applications of conveyance of caprolactam melts: The pumps are completely heatable, equipped according to customer specification and optimized for continuous operation.


LEWA process diaphragm pumps convey caprolactam melts controllably via a frequency converter.

Performance example:

  • Temperature: 100°C
  • Flow rate: 11m3/h
  • Pressure: 36 bar

LEWA triplex process diaphragm pumps offer the following advantages:

  • Outstanding service life in comparison to conventional screw pumps, for example
  • High efficiency
  • Safe and gentle operation with caprolactam melts
  • Proven and complete system solution
  • Low investment and operating costs


Caprolactam is the starting material for the ring-opening polymerization of polyamide 6 (perlon).

A second option for polymerization is in the hydrolytic splitting of the amide bond and subsequent polycondensation. Polyamide 6 is produced yearly by the megaton.

At ambient temperature, caprolactam forms white crystals, which are quite soluble in water. Therefore it is normally stored at temperatures over 80 °C until it is used.

Source: Wikipedia, February 2012

With its varied properties, it is an ideal initial material for a wide variety of products:

  • Engineering plastics, such as tool parts and molding parts
  • Carpets and household textiles
  • Packaging film
  • Stockings, bathing suits and special suits
  • Fishing nets, brushes, wires and cables


Plastics processing

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