triplex G3M: LEWA expands product portfolio to new compact process diaphragm pump

LEWA introduces the new triplex process diaphragm pump G3M. With its compact monoblock design and the engine concept with a one-piece crank shaft, the new pump is very efficient. Compared to previous solutions, up to 30 percent footprint and weight can be saved. Thus, the G3M is particularly suitable for applications where space and weight play an important role, e. g. on offshore platforms.

With the new pump, LEWA can respond even better to the customers’ needs and provide the most efficient solution for various applications. As an additional innovation, LEWA offers the option of electronically synchronizing up to three of the triplex G3M pumps. At ACHEMA, a technical animation was shown that visualizes the possibilities of such a redundant system. The fundamental objective of harmonization is reducing the pulsation of the transferred fluid or to suppress vibrations in the pipes causing damages to the system. Synchronization also makes sense when the system shall be run over a very long period with smallest possible wear.

Requests for such redundant systems amongst others come from the chemical industry, which realizes a precise and rapid control in the treatment of sensitive fluids or implements intelligent stand-by concepts or wear-optimized processes.

At ACHEMA 2015, LEWA CMO Stefan Glasmeyer talks about the advantages and the enormous market potential of the G3M process diaphragm pump. Watch the interview here!