Team LEWA at 6th city run in Leonberg

On Saturday, 27 June 2015, the 6th Leonberg City Run took place. As in the past years, LEWA supported the 5km- city run as a sponsor and also participated with its own team.

With 1,051 "finishers" (including 299 students) Leonberg City Run broke its own record and could attract more participants than in the previous year (1,004 finishers). In addition to the children run and the students run, a 5 km and a 10 km run took place.

Even before the start of the students runs, the dark rain clouds disappeared, so that the athletes could compete with the best weather. LEWA team’s sportsmen and women participated in both runs. At "LEWA 5-km-run", LEWA was represented by 17 runners. Alfonso Esteban set the best time (19:04,79) and secured the 6th position in the overall ranking. All the other 16 LEWA runners mastered the 5 km distance successfully in less than 30 minutes. The six LEWA participants of the 10-km-run needed between 43 and 53 minutes and reached places in the upper and middle section of the overall ranking.

At eight fan locations off the race track – seven of them with live bands – spectators encouraged the sportsmen and women and created a spurring atmosphere for the runners.