Pre-announcement for GAT show from November 8 to November 10 2016 in Essen, Germany

The mobile after-sales service makes it possible to eliminate 80 to 90 percent of faults on odorizing systems from Lewa without delay

The technically complex systems used for odorizing gas have to meter extremely small amounts of the strong-smelling odorant with the highest level of precision and cleanliness. The team of technicians from Lewa are on the road throughout Europe with a total of three service vehicles, two VW buses and a slightly larger VW Crafter, making sure that the odorizing systems are working properly and that standstill times are minimized.

These vehicles are each assigned a technician with a main focus on mechatronics. This technician is trained to handle all possible problems that may arise ‒ whether electronic or mechanical in nature. This means that the modular OCU controller, which Lewa developed for the fully automatic monitoring and control of the odorizing systems, gets checked by an expert.

The vehicles have been developed in accordance with the Lewa requirements and are equipped with all of the required spare parts. Classic wear parts, strainer inserts, diaphragms or check valves, for example, are always included by default. This makes it possible to remedy 80 to 90 percent of the electrical engineering and mechanical problems directly on site. As a manufacturer, Lewa can take specific parts from storage upon request but it can also install complete replacement control systems. This service from Lewa encompasses expertise and materials and offers short waiting times. Service-only companies cannot afford to provide this special service for odorizing systems because doing so would often require multiple trips out to the location of the system as well as a request from the manufacturer.

To prevent unpleasant odors on site, during transport or when stopped at a rest stop, waste is sealed securely in and stored in gas-tight vessels. Waste is collected at the Lewa grounds upon return and subsequently disposed of.

Visitors at this year's GAT will get a glimpse of one of these vehicles, including explanations and demonstrations of the vehicle's features. Roy Heinz, Peter Gleiniger, Natascha Schweizer and Karin Heinsohn will be available in Hall 3.0, Booth B 6.5 for initial discussions and to answer specific questions about the odorizing systems or the After Sales services offered by Lewa (this location is also where the service vehicle will be displayed).

GAT Trade fair, November, 08 to 10, 2016, Essen Trade Fair Grounds