LEWA strengthens its market presence in the USA through a service agreement for chromatography systems

The service agreement that Lewa-Nikkiso America concluded with Analytical Technology Services, LLC (ATG) at the end of July 2016 covers the aftersales service throughout all of North America for the Lewa Ecoprime low-pressure chromatography system ‒ the latest platform for GMP production ‒ and the buffer in-line dilution system from the manufacturer.

The agreement grants US customers of Lewa Process Technologies access to the practical experience and highly specialized knowledge of ATG. Lewa Process Technologies is a business unit of the Lewa Group that focuses on biopharmaceuticals and is headquartered in Devens, Massachusetts. As a result, the pharmaceutical industry benefits not only from the high quality of the Lewa systems, but also from expert, on-site service that is available 24/7, ensuring maximum productivity and optimal operating reliability.

The two companies have been collaborating for a considerable amount of time. This collaboration has resulted in the development of IQ/OQ documents for pharmaceutical systems and the execution of product training on the Ecoprime LPLC platform. Even during a hardware and software upgrade of conventional purification systems, the combination of Lewa's expertise in dealing with fluids and procuring spare parts and ATG's deep understanding of customer interests gave rise to synergies between the two companies. "We are pleased that the cooperation with ATG is allowing us to provide our users with seamless service for their pharmaceutical systems," states Gerard Gach, Marketing Director at Lewa Process Technologies. "Our customers now have twice as many service options for their systems: those from Lewa as well as those from the strong team at ATG."

The signing of the agreement coincides with Lewa's launch of a series of new Ecoprime LPLC systems in various configurations for both batch and new continuous chromatography processes. ATG is therefore also the official service provider for the Chromacon Contichrom Cube series, which encompasses FPLC and HPLC benchtop systems. Lewa is currently still working on the complementary Ecoprime Twin process systems for the GMP scale, which are based on the same Contichrom twin column technology patented by Chromacon. ATG is authorized to maintain both the benchtop instruments and the GMP pilot scale as well as the production systems in the area of multicolumn systems.