Japan’s largest process diaphragm pump installed

Another milestone in the history of LEWA and NIKKISO: the factory acceptance test for a LEWA triplex process pump (type G3R), which was sold by NIKKISO Co., Ltd, was completed at the LEWA headquarters in Leonberg. With 160 kW motor power it is the largest process diaphragm pump ever installed in Japan. The pump will be employed in an industrial waste treatment application.

Compared to alternative technologies, the hermetically tight construction enables safe operation when handling the liquid, which is a mixture of several kinds of acids. Moreover, excellent efficiency reduces the power consumption to one third of alternative technologies like high speed centrifugal pumps. This is a big advantage, especially in times of high electricity costs.

Additionally, a resonator dampens pulsation by using the compression of the liquid and the elasticity of the vessel. Therefore, gas filling is not required and a separation diaphragm – usually a rubber bladder – does not exist. This pays off in the engineering process and in daily operation: it saves time and money since checking and refilling of gas is not necessary.