11/11/2013 | Webnews

Youth music award 2013 goes to concert flutist

For thirty years the booster club of the youth music award Leonberg has been honoring the winners of the national music competition “Jugend musiziert” in order to support young gifted musicians. LEWA has supported the award since 1984. This year the “Leonberg Orpheus” (Leonberger Orpheus) went to concert flutist Nina Walther from Hemmingen. After 27 years under the patronage of the municipality the prize has been awarded by the people of Leonberg for the third time. On the occasion of the ceremony, the traditional concert of award winner and the youth orchestra of Baden-Württemberg took...
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10/10/2013 | Webnews

LEWA supports ecological awareness campaign

Every human being leaves a so called ecological footprint. It represents the amount of biologically productive land necessary to permanently maintain the life style and standard of living of one human. According to recent estimates, every human is entitled to 1.4 – 1.8 ha. The problem is, however, that the demand of highly industrialized countries exceeds this figure many times over. The people of the European Union, for example, need about 4.7 ha per capita. This, of course, leads to an uneven distribution of natural resources. The awareness for this type of problem needs to be raised early...
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09/16/2013 | Webnews

LEWA intellilab: Newly developed diaphragm pump for micro-flow metering in high-pressure laboratories

For metering tasks in high-pressure laboratories, the highest of precision when conveying defined quantities of material is a must. Piston pumps can withstand the high pressure, but they inherently leak. If hazardous substances have to be metered, the pump has to be airtight in order to avoid problems and guarantee exact upscaling. To address this problem, LEWA has designed the intellilab, a hermetically sealed high pressure small quantity metering pump with mechatronic control for pressures up to 500 bar. LEWA has renewed the technology of the proven predecessors K3 and K5. The reliable pump...
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09/16/2013 | Webnews

K 2013: Solutions for the metering of blowing agents and additives in extrusion processes

With over 3,000 exhibitors, K in 2013 will be the most important trade show for the plastics and rubber industry. LEWA will also be there to present its technologies for the metering of blowing agents and additives in extrusion processes. One such solution is the LEWA ecofoam which conveys a volume of blowing agent proportional to the speed of the extruder. With this complete system that includes an ecoflow metering pump, measurement and control technology, blowing agents such as CO2, propane, butane, halogenated hydrocarbons, and pentane can be precisely metered into the plastic melt of an...
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08/29/2013 | Webnews

First ecosmart multiplex produced

Only a couple of weeks ago the LEWA ecosmart multiplex was introduced to the market, and now the first pump of its kind has already been produced and delivered. The Institute for Separation and Process Technology at the Clausthal University of Technology in Zellerfeld (Germany) purchased the three-headed diaphragm pump which will be used for nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, and revaporation.
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07/31/2013 | Webnews

Stronger presence in the oil & gas sector

Lewa-Nikkiso acquires Dutch system builder Geveke Nikkiso has acquired Geveke B.V., the Dutch sales company and system integrator of industrial pumps and compressors as a strategic investment. Nikkiso is driving its presence in the global oil and gas market together with Lewa. Geveke’s systems are used both onshore and offshore in preparation facilities, for chemical injection, or for local nitrogen generation. The combination of the leading pump and system technology of Lewa-Nikkiso with Geveke’s competence in customer-specific system design will create additional powerful solutions. The...
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07/22/2013 | Webnews

Japan’s largest process diaphragm pump installed

Another milestone in the history of LEWA and NIKKISO: the factory acceptance test for a LEWA triplex process pump (type G3R), which was sold by NIKKISO Co., Ltd, was completed at the LEWA headquarters in Leonberg. With 160 kW motor power it is the largest process diaphragm pump ever installed in Japan. The pump will be employed in an industrial waste treatment application. Compared to alternative technologies, the hermetically tight construction enables safe operation when handling the liquid, which is a mixture of several kinds of acids. Moreover, excellent efficiency reduces the power...
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07/09/2013 | Webnews

LEWA Cup 2013: LEWA apprentices reach final

From July 5 – 7, various youth and company teams competed to win at the 5th LEWA Cup in TSV Schwieberdingen’s Felsenberg-Arena. On the three days of the tournament, 118 teams took part in different classes (age groups from 1996-2007) and the company tournament, and entertained the spectators. Morevover, for the first time, a challenge for girls (U11) was held. Particularly satisfying results for LEWA: the apprentice team advanced to the final. Unfortunately, they lost to Bosch Feuerbach. LEWA’s partner TSV Schwieberdingen was more lucky: U11 girls and U9 boys finished at the top of their...
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07/05/2013 | Webnews

Precise and safe: biogas odorization with gas flow controlled diaphragm pumps

Biogas – just like natural gas, oxygen, or nitrogen – is odorless, but potentially explosive and harmful. In order to reduce risks of gas usage to a minimum, gas consumers like Erdgas Südwest GmbH depend upon reliable odorization units that mix gases with strong-smelling substances like tetrahydrothiophene (THT). This is an important safety measure that permits responsible staff to notice leaks or defective systems quickly. "Just recently, three of our biogas plants in Riedlingen and Laupheim were equipped with Lewa OD7 and OD60 type odorization systems," explains Karl-Heinz Brunner...
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07/03/2013 | Webnews

City Run Leonberg 2013: Tobias Sauter supports young runners

Perfect running conditions and a cheering crowd drove the participants of the City Run in Leonberg on June 29 to new heights: two new track records in the women’s competition and a record number of 1,006 athletes finished the race at its fifth edition. The 5 km run, which is sponsored by LEWA, as well as the 10 km run were equally popular. However, LEWA was also active on track: The company team, with 29 runners, was as big as never before and put together the second biggest crew. Unfortunately, Tobias Sauter, a marathon specialist who is sponsored by LEWA, could not enter the competition due...
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06/27/2013 | Webnews

LEWA ecosmart multiplex: a new multiplex for volume flows up to 1,800 l/h

Ecosmart pumps from LEWA have proved themselves in simple metering applications in water treatment, in refineries, and in food technology, as well as in demanding chemical and petrochemical applications. However, the single head model which is available in four sizes reaches its limits at a maximum volume flow of 300 l/h. Remedy is provided by the newly developed multiplex design: LEWA worked with experts from NIKKISO to develop the ecosmart multiplex with more flexibility in meeting the requirements. With this new design the four different sizes can be combined with each other and up to six...
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06/19/2013 | Webnews

Girls and Technology: students implement project

As participants of the project “Girls and Technology” ten students from Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium (High School) in Leonberg worked at LEWA to get an insight into the professional life of an industrial company. They were assigned to design and build something that is of use to their school. The girls decided to make a steel couch for the school’s recreation room. With the help of trainer Thomas Steiger and LEWA’s apprentices they completed the piece of furniture within only a week. During that time, they learned how to treat materials like wood and metal properly and how to operate various...
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05/24/2013 | Webnews

Customer satisfaction survey

LEWA scores high grades LEWA received consistently positive ratings in a worldwide customer satisfaction survey conducted by Consulimus AG. 300 industry customers from 29 countries who were questioned by phone gave particularly high grades to product quality (4.38 out of 5 points), product portfolio (4.37) and consulting by sales engineers (4.35). Another result that stands out is the high promoter score, according to which 48% of all customers would fully recommend LEWA. There is still development potential in the categories „delivery time“ (3.57) and „on-time delivery“ (4.01). This results...
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05/16/2013 | Webnews

Green Technologies Day 2013: Natural Gas as Bridging Technology

On May 15th, LEWA hosted the Green Technologies Day for the fourth time. At this year’s edition, which was held under the slogan “Natural gas as energy source – Bridging technology to the hydrogen age?”, industry and science experts informed attendants about the current state of research and practical applications of modern technologies. In the course of the day, innovative approaches to the handling of liquefied (natural) gas were presented to the competent audience which consisted of refinery operators, system manufacturers, and partners of LEWA. Besides new ways of LNG fueling and the...
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05/14/2013 | Webnews

LEWA at the Stuttgart Job Fair (Azubitage)

As manufacturer of customized products, LEWA is always in need of skilled employees. Since they often are hard to find on the job market, LEWA takes their training in their own hands. Fairs present a big opportunity to make potential trainees aware of the company and the prospects it offers for the future. LEWA took advantages of this opportunity at this year’s Stuttgart Job Fair at the beginning of May. The spots in the engineering program of the cooperative state university raised big interest at the LEWA booth. However, the LEWA trainers at the fair had to put off the soon-to-be graduates...
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