10/01/2015 | Pressrelease

Pre-announcement for GAT show (10/26 to 10/28/2015) in Essen, Germany

New touchscreen control for fully automated monitoring and regulation of odorizing systems In nearly all countries, continuous, proportional odorizing and monitoring is mandated by law for potentially hazardous or highly explosive gases with no natural odor. Lewa GmbH has developed a new Odor Control Unit (OCU) in order to fulfill this need efficiently and without requiring a major commitment of time and personnel. The system continuously compares the target and actual concentration of the odorant, so that regular inspections of the odorizing systems can be discontinued within four weeks, or...
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09/11/2015 | Webnews

25 years of vocational training at LEWA

For 25 years, we train apprentices at LEWA. This is a reason to celebrate. Hence, LEWA invites you to the Open Day of our Apprentices Training department on September 26, 2015, from 10.00 until 16.00 at LEWA headquarters in Leonberg, Ulmer Straße. On the Open Day, students and parents have the possibility to get detailed insight into the occupations at LEWA. Supervisors and trainees are available the whole day to answer questions. Different stations provide additional views into the various qualified jobs and invite you to participate. Visitors can expect snacks, drinks, as well as a diverse...
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07/14/2015 | Webnews

On the bike over the Swabian Alb: LEWA employees at "Albstadt Bike Marathon"

On Saturday, July 11, 2015, the "Albstadt Bike Marathon" took place on the Swabian Alb. Around 2,700 mountain bikers participated. 21 LEWA employees took part and were ready in the starting blocks at 10:00 am. Shortly before the marathon, the LEWA team prepared for the event enthusiastically: Already on Sunday, June 28, an all-day 80-kilometer bike tour through the northern Black Forest was organized by the LEWA employees. More than 1,400 meters of altitude had to be overcome. In addition, a smaller two-hour tour around Eberdingen took place, in which the team also prepared for the...
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07/13/2015 | Webnews

LEWA launches new white paper portal

LEWA is a global technology leader in the field of diaphragm metering and process pumps as well as diverse systems for various applications. In more than 60 years of company history, we have acquired a comprehensive expertise, which enables us to develop the best solutions for many processes and applications for our customers. Our qualified engineers intensively research in various fields. We would like to share the results of this work with you. In our new white paper poral, we present the latest state of research and our expertise. Are you interested in the latest findings in the field of...
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07/08/2015 | Pressrelease

High-precision ingredient metering for spreadable butter: Dairy giant Arla uses multiplex pumps with a broad adjustment range

Spreadable butter is one of the primary products of the Danish/Swedish dairy company Arla. At their facility in Gotene Arla is producing the brand Bregott for the domestic market in Sweden. To be able to reproduce the specific characteristics of the different types exactly, ingredients must be precisely metered. For ten years, the production facility in Gotene has used pumps from Lewa GmbH for this purpose, which are not only designed for high discharge pressures but also have an accuracy of ± 1 percent, meeting the manufacturer's strict requirements. From the different variants of the...
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07/06/2015 | Webnews

Team LEWA at 6th city run in Leonberg

On Saturday, 27 June 2015, the 6th Leonberg City Run took place. As in the past years, LEWA supported the 5km- city run as a sponsor and also participated with its own team. With 1,051 "finishers" (including 299 students) Leonberg City Run broke its own record and could attract more participants than in the previous year (1,004 finishers). In addition to the children run and the students run, a 5 km and a 10 km run took place. Even before the start of the students runs, the dark rain clouds disappeared, so that the athletes could compete with the best weather. LEWA team’s sportsmen...
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06/22/2015 | Webnews

triplex G3M: LEWA expands product portfolio to new compact process diaphragm pump

LEWA introduces the new triplex process diaphragm pump G3M. With its compact monoblock design and the engine concept with a one-piece crank shaft, the new pump is very efficient. Compared to previous solutions, up to 30 percent footprint and weight can be saved. Thus, the G3M is particularly suitable for applications where space and weight play an important role, e. g. on offshore platforms. With the new pump, LEWA can respond even better to the customers’ needs and provide the most efficient solution for various applications. As an additional innovation, LEWA offers the option of...
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06/02/2015 | Pressrelease

Leading pump manufacturer sees growth potential in the process industry and pharmaceutical industry

For the Lewa Group, 2014 was another very successful year in terms of revenue and earnings. The company successfully proved its value with numerous large project bids in the oil and gas industries, both onshore and offshore, not to mention in the process industry sector. Despite a cooling market and dropping oil prices, Lewa intends to achieve continued growth in 2015. With regard to Achema, Lewa GmbH, supplier of pumps and systems, has defined three topics of focus with the objective of continuing to expand its position as a technology leader. "We are particularly proud of the global...
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05/29/2015 | Webnews

DUV-LEDs: Presentation at ACHEMA highlights innovative NIKKISO development

LEWA's parent company NIKKISO developed deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes – or shortened: DUV-LEDs. The NIKKISO experts were supported by none other than the two physics Nobel Prize winners in 2014. At ACHEMA, LEWA offers a presentation on development and applications of this technology. Deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes are a successor technology of normal LED diodes. Unlike the conventional LED technology, light wavelengths from 255 to 350 nanometers are possible. In addition to the large light spectrum, an essential advantage is the environmental sustainability: DUV-LEDs are very...
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05/13/2015 | Webnews

Fast and safe purification of biopharmaceuticals in the GMP field with LEWA EcoPrime

In modern process chromatography, the requirements of precision, quality, and reproducibility are strictly regulated. The LEWA EcoPrime is a low-pressure chromatography system which enhances batch-to-batch reproducibility in GMP manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals and the yield of the product significantly. The system includes LEWA pumps with innovative servo drive, which is registered for patent approval. Including this technology, EcoPrime offers an adjustment range of 1:150 or more. A precise flow control from 0.03 to 60 liters per minute is possible. LEWA EcoPrime realizes low-pulsation...
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05/06/2015 | Pressrelease

Achema trade fair preview (June 15-19, 2015 in Frankfurt am Main)

Precise low-pressure chromatography system for fast and safe purification of biopharmaceuticals in the GMP field Nowhere are the requirements of precision, quality, and reproducibility as strictly regulated as in modern process chromatography. Using the Ecoprime low-pressure chromatography system developed by Lewa GmbH, batch-to-batch reproducibility in GMP manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals can be enhanced significantly and the yield of the product can be  enhanced. Unveiled by the manufacturer at the Achema trade fair this year, the system is notable within its product family for its...
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04/22/2015 | Webnews

Hermetically tight at 200 °C: LEWA renovates pumps at Wacker Chemie

In the existing chemical installation in a Wacker Chemie plant, the safety-related design of the relevant pump systems had to be thoroughly renovated. LEWA planned and realized a customized pump unit with new high temperature diaphragm pumps. Hermetically tightness up to 200 °C and resistance to very cold ambient temperatures in winter: these were the most important factors for the design and construction of the new pumps in the Wacker Chemie plant.  As an expert in metering solutions of all kinds, LEWA implemented an individual system fulfilling the customer’s requirements. The use of...
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04/15/2015 | Pressrelease

Leonberg, Germany-based pump manufacturer is striving to continuously improve the management system for workplace safety and health protection with OHSAS certification

After Lewa GmbH successfully passed the national exams of the Verwaltungs-Berufsgenossenschaft (VGB, a German association for occupational insurance) for Arbeitsschutz mit System (AMS, occupational safety with system) last year, the company has also been certified by the TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association) since early February 2015 in accordance with the internationally recognized standard OHSAS 18001:2007. Shortly before this, proof was again provided that the Leonberg manufacturer of pumps and systems meets the quality management system requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The...
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03/02/2015 | Pressrelease

Trade Show Preview for Anuga FoodTec (March 24 to March 27)

Lewa will present new pumps such as Viking Hygienic Series and Pomac Double Screw Pump at Anuga FoodTech. The full press release is only available in German. What: Anuga FoodTec When: March 24 to March 27, 2015 Where: Messe Köln, hall 5.1, booth A-049 Contact person: Jörg Sommer More information: www.lewa.com
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03/02/2015 | Pressrelease

UV LEDs replace conventional UV light sources, making innovative applications possible

Recipients of the Nobel Prize in physics support the development of the first deep-ultraviolet LEDsFirst presentation at electronica 2014 in Munich shows variety of possible industrial applications Profs. Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano, and Shuji Nakamura received the Nobel Prize in physics in mid-December 2014 for their breakthrough that enabled the development of blue LEDs. In particular, Professor Amano and his team at Nagoya University have worked intensively over the past few years on further development of these semiconductor-based lamps. They provided consulting services to the...
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