01/18/2017 | Pressemitteilung

LEWA ecosmart diaphragm metering pumps & spare parts now available in the new webshop.

The Webshop for metering pumps offers 20 percent lower prices, shorter delivery times and now also matching spare partsThe website is optimized for mobile devices. The relaunch of the Webshop at the end of November 2016 helped Lewa GmbH, a manufacturer of metering and process diaphragm pumps based in Leonberg, Germany, strengthen online sales of the Ecosmart series and continue expanding the range of products offered online. In addition to the Ecosmart pumps for flow rates up to 180 l/h and pressure up to 80 bar, appropriate spare part sets are now available when the pumps are purchased or...
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01/10/2017 | Webnews

LEWA starts testing room for process pumps

New testing facility for process pumps: High function density and high-quality equipment for innovative product developments. At the beginning of the year, Lewa GmbH commissioned its newly designed process pump testing room. The previous testing facility was outdated, so it was completely refurbished and the technology was modernized. Now, up to four large process pumps with a total power consumption of 800 kW (and each separately driven by a variable frequency device) can be operated and monitored in parallel. In this process, all relevant process and pump data are recorded continuously....
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12/06/2016 | Webnews

Acquisition in the United Arab Emirates enables in-house production of chemical injection packages

Lewa GmbH, the manufacturer of metering and process diaphragm pumps based in Leonberg, Germany, has signed a purchase contract with Seko Middle East FZE, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seko S.p.A., to take effect on December 1, 2016 The object of the agreement was the takeover of the entire plant, including all assets and the chemical injection package (CIP) business for the oil and gas sector, the (petro-) chemical industry and the power plant sector. The acquisition is part of the Lewa Group’s strategy of specializing in pumps and integrated systems solutions. The Lewa Group will not be...
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11/03/2016 | Pressemitteilung

Natural gas for North Rhine-Westphalia ‒ safe and economical: Largest odorizing system in Germany

The system odorizes up to 1 million cubic meters of natural gas per hour. An additional, identical system is to be installed yet this year. Thyssengas GmbH transports up to 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually using an underground transport system that is 4,200 kilometers long. The Ochtrup location is the turnstile for the distribution of natural gas in Northwestern Germany. That is where natural gas is fed from the North Sea into the high-pressure gas pipeline, which is a subnetwork of Thyssengas that is crucial for supplying the Westphalia and Ruhr regions of Germany. The...
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11/02/2016 | Pressemitteilung

Pre-announcement for GAT show from November 8 to November 10 2016 in Essen, Germany

The mobile after-sales service makes it possible to eliminate 80 to 90 percent of faults on odorizing systems from Lewa without delay The technically complex systems used for odorizing gas have to meter extremely small amounts of the strong-smelling odorant with the highest level of precision and cleanliness. The team of technicians from Lewa are on the road throughout Europe with a total of three service vehicles, two VW buses and a slightly larger VW Crafter, making sure that the odorizing systems are working properly and that standstill times are minimized. These vehicles are each...
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09/27/2016 | Pressemitteilung

Pre-announcement for the K Trade Fair 2016 (October 19 to 26 in Düsseldorf)

Optimized foam technology: Precise and cost-effective metering of blowing agents despite fluctuating extruder pressures. Robust, hermetically tight pump technology ensures high operating reliability. When manufacturing insulation panels, packaging foils or molded parts, blowing agents must be metered into the plastic melt under high pressure and extreme temperatures in order to achieve a high-quality result. The Ecofoam system from Lewa GmbH is a new complete solution including pump, measuring and control technology that stands out thanks to its precision and minimized downtimes. It pumps...
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09/02/2016 | Pressemitteilung

Precise and fast metering of blowing agents when developing foaming technology

Researchers from the foaming technology group at Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT) play a crucial role in developing foamed materials whose properties are customized for the respective applications. At the plant, ICT initiated a collaboration with a renowned partner in the area of XPS systems and Lewa in the area of metering. Efficient insulating materials, foams for structure applications, biobased, flame resistant and high-performance foams are currently in strong demand on the market. Researchers from the foaming technology group at Fraunhofer ICT play a crucial role in...
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07/19/2016 | Webnews

LEWA mountain bike tour through the northern Black Forest

This year, 16 participants met for a 80 km long training tour through the northern Black Forest. The team started at Pforzheim's Wanderparkplatz Julius Naeher. The tour led from there along the Enztal and Grösseltal to Castle Neuenbürg. Further along the Enz river the cyclists turned into the Eyachtal, which is known for its idyllic landscape with brook trout fish farming. After this stage the team cycled to the summer mountain (Bad Wildbad) to the Grünhütte. After a short rest "pancakes were just too tempting for many" it continued over the Wildsee, a unique high moor, to...
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07/11/2016 | Pressrelease

CERN relies on LEWA: Tracking down the origins of the universe

Diaphragm metering pumps provide a constant, oil-free flow of CO2 for cooling silicon sensors at the CERN research center for particle physics The remote-head design prevents the fluid from absorbing the heat produced by the pump motor and gearbox. With approximately 9600 magnets and a circumference of 26,659 km, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the largest and most sophisticated accelerator operated by the famous CERN research institute, so far. When the LHC started operations, it marked a turning point in the field of particle physics, as it may help unlock answers to fundamental...
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06/27/2016 | Webnews

LEWA at 7th city run in Leonberg

On June 26, 2016 at 20:20 o´clock, the 7th city run in Leonberg took place. As a sponsor for the 5,000 meter run and with an own team, LEWA was again right up there. This year the record of number of participants has been exceeded again. 1260 adults, adolescents and children ran through the city of Leonberg. In comparison with the last year there were 209 more runners. From LEWA 22 runners started. 11 runners participated in the 5,000 meter run and 11 employees ran for the 10,000 meter run. At the end, the competitors were strong and LEWA employees gained in the general classification...
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05/17/2016 | Webnews

Corrosion protection for pumps: LEWA uses Frosio certified coating inspectors

The requirements for corrosion protection are constantly increasing. For this reason, paint specifications according to NORSOK (Frosio, Nace) from customers in the oil & gas, refining and chemicals are becoming more extensive and stringent. Highly qualified staff to carry out the inspection work is therefore very important. LEWA responds to these requirements and has had three employees to eligible Frosio inspectors trained. Frosio is known worldwide as Norwegian Advisory Board for training and certification of coating inspectors. The Frosio certification is an important step to obtain an...
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05/03/2016 | Pressrelease

Minimum life cycle costs: Innovative metering pump with diaphragm monitoring helps to prevent production losses

Hermetically sealed pump head is suitable for any type of chemicals Operators have to meet strict safety and environmental regulations and at the same time ensure that the requirements of the corresponding processes are met when metering chemicals. This includes a high metering accuracy as well as the possibility of a customized configuration and highest possible flexibility in use. Since the expenses for unexpected operation downtimes make up on average 70 percent of the life cycle costs of a pump, it is important to make sure during the selection process that the pump is built reliably and...
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04/14/2016 | Pressrelease

Trade show preview of Hannover Messe from April 25 to 29, 2016

Ecodos diaphragm metering pump: Economical and safe solution for pumping fluid in the low-pressure range In many industries, metering tasks take place in the low-pressure range of < 20 bar. Using a high-pressure pump for this purpose is usually not economical. At this year's Hannover Messe, Lewa GmbH is presenting a cutaway model of the Ecodos diaphragm metering pump, which clearly illustrates the operating principle of the low-pressure pump. The distinguishing feature  is that the Ecodos diaphragm is mechanically driven,rather than hydraulically driven. Lewas pump installation...
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02/17/2016 | Webnews

LEWA achieves the treble: certificates for quality, work safety and environmental management

After LEWA has already been certified for quality management (ISO 9001) and occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001: 2007) in recent years, LEWA now obtains a certificate for a successful environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2004. In an audit, proof has been furnished that LEWA complies with all requirements of the ISO standard. A certification document according to EMAS III will be issued. The Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (“EMAS”) has been developed by the European Community to support companies which want to improve their environmental performance. EMAS-certified...
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02/02/2016 | Pressrelease

New Management team to lead Lewa-Nikkiso Industrial Division from Leonberg base

Since January 2016, a reformed management structure takes care of further economic growth at Lewa-Nikkiso Group and drives forward the integration of the newly arranged Industrial Division. This division consists of the LEWA group, Geveke NV, Nikkiso Cryo and the Nikkiso Japanese pump business activities. Since the start of 2013, the Pumps and System unit at Lewa Group has been headed up by Naota Shikano and Stefan Glasmeyer, responsible for Sales and Marketing, and Dr. Martin Fiedler, in charge of the Operations. “This step to form a strong division, reorganize the structure and align our...
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